Farmers profit off gene-modified crops

Apr 13, 2010
A panel from the National Research Council released a report evaluating the profitability of using genetically-modified crops. Caitlan Carroll reports.
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Squeezing the juice out of extra berries

Apr 5, 2010
Snag a great deal on strawberries lately? A good deal for you means a bad year for some farmers. Florida farmer Gary Wishnatzki talks with Kai Ryssdal about how cold weather has led to a flood of extra berries on the market and how his strawberry season is going.
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Gang of factors causing bee die-off

Mar 25, 2010
Honeybees are continuing to die off at an alarming pace to beekeepers, and the cause still eludes experts. But a new study shows a combination of factors from disease to pesticides may be partially to blame. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Ag business opens door for immigrants

Mar 19, 2010
A congressional bill would provide immigrant farm workers a path to citizenship if they continue to work in agriculture. Farm management leaders say the move is vital to their industry. Jeff Tyler explains why.
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Antitrust issues put heat on Monsanto

Mar 10, 2010
The U.S. Justice and Agriculture departments are holding a workshop on agricultural antitrust issues, and it appears investigations of seed maker Monsanto are widening. Sarah Gardner reports.
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Some find ageless tomato in bad taste

Mar 1, 2010
An Indian scientist's discovery of how to extend the life of a tomato is being lauded by many as a breakthrough for the country's hungry and for farmers. But not everyone has taken to the idea. Raymond Thibodeux reports.
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Vaccines get help from tobacco plants

Feb 26, 2010
The global market for vaccines is expected to soon top $30 billion, but a new technology utilizing tobacco plants could change the market entirely. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Farmers look for ways to be efficient

Feb 18, 2010
Midwest farmers are rattled that rains and cold temperatures will throw planting out of whack. But the crummy weather has been good for some farm equipment manufacturers. Jay Field reports.
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How a cold snap affects citrus prices

Jan 12, 2010
Recent sub-freezing temperatures have hit Florida's orange-crop region, which could naturally make orange juice fans shudder to think of the price hike. But John Davis reports several factors go into setting the price of citrus.
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New rules laid to help chicken farmers

Jan 11, 2010
The USDA has issued new regulations intended to provide protections for contract poultry farmers. But for some of those farmers, the new rules have come too late. Kate Archer Kent reports.
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