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Low-income households shying away from mortgages

Nov 5, 2015
NY Fed briefing reveals that low-income residents have a large segment of “discouraged borrowers.”
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Hidden homeless left out of the economic recovery

Oct 9, 2015
The economy is on the mend, but not for everyone.
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London's luxury housing mirrors NYC's upscale push

Aug 26, 2015
Low income housing is being demolished for high-end developments.
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A lack of supply drives up housing prices

Aug 10, 2015
From Seattle to Dallas to Denver, buyers are bidding up a limited stock of homes.
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Affordable housing for teachers in short supply

Jul 24, 2015
Some cities are building lower-cost homes for educators and hospital workers.
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Many Marin workers can't afford to live in Marin

Jun 18, 2015
What happens when most of your county's workers can’t afford to live in the county?
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The debate against affordable housing in Marin

Jun 11, 2015
Not all Marin County residents have embraced George Lucas' plan to build an affordable housing project.
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Finding affordable housing in an unaffordable place

Jun 10, 2015
Projects like Marin's Toussin Senior Apartments help but are tricky to finance.
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Imagining affordable housing in New York

Apr 23, 2015
Bill de Blasio calls for 160,000 units of market-rate housing over the next decade.
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Public-private partnerships seeing funds cut back

Apr 7, 2015
The partnerships have an increased share of responsibility with decreased funding.
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