Affordable Care Act


The push to educate the newly insured

Jan 1, 2014
Getting health insurance is akin to waking up to a new car in your garage, but not necessarily knowing how to drive. And consumers will be the first ones to tell you, there’s a lot to learn about health insurance.
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Doctors brace for Obamacare patients

Dec 31, 2013
The medical industry is busy with last-minute preparations as millions of new patients sign up for health insurance;
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Over a million sign up for Obamacare, mostly in December

Dec 30, 2013
More than a million people signed up for health insurance between October 1 and December 24
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Obamacare extension catches insurers off guard

Dec 24, 2013
The Obama administration has extended the deadline for people who are signing up for health insurance on the federal exchange, but insurers are having trouble adapting.
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Another Obamacare rule eased before deadline

Dec 20, 2013
The White House has announced that it will let some of the 5 or 6 million people who lost their health insurance because of federal requirements, enroll in so-called catastrophic health care plans.
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With, phones finally begin ringing at small insurers

Dec 11, 2013
Many small insurers expected a bonanza of new customers when began on Oct. 1, but the website's problems made the first weeks very quiet for them.
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Is really fixed?

Dec 2, 2013
The claim is that is fixed to the point that it works for 9 out 10 consumers.
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ACA enrollment: Lessons from Social Security and Medicare

Nov 27, 2013
The roll-out of Obamacare isn't the first time the government has done something this big.
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Why California needs ACA cancellations to stay

Nov 22, 2013
California says no to letting insurers reissue canceled plans for another year. And it’s not just because the policies are substandard. Without those customers on the exchanges the whole thing could collapse.
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