Weak earnings drag down stock market

Oct 24, 2012
Just in time for Halloween something has Wall Street spooked. Yesterday, the Dow fell by more than 200 points for the second time in three trading days.
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Justice Department stops 3M/Avery sticky notes merger

Sep 5, 2012
3M -- best known for making Scotch tape and Post-it notes -- had been interested in acquiring Avery Dennison Corporation, known for labeling and packaging materials.
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Big business reacts to the health care overhaul...

Oct 4, 2010
This morning's Wall Street Journal reports, the big manufacturer 3M says it will stop offering some kinds of health insurance because of the...
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Mergers and Consolidations

Nov 4, 2008
Because of the ongoing market turmoil, several companies are merging in order to survive. Some results of these mergers:...
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