Study finds that 8 in 10 young adults move back close to their hometowns – or never left

Aug 2, 2022
The review of census data finds that at age 26, most people live within 100 miles of where they grew up. Part of the reason? Money.
The growing cost of childcare is among the reasons younger people aren't moving too far away from their hometowns.
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Share of young adults living with parents below 50% again, but still elevated

Oct 8, 2021
The rate has been rising steadily since the 1960s.
More young adults are living at home.
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A new older generation may attract more ad dollars

Aug 14, 2015
Senior citizens aren't acting like old people, and some advertisers are noticing.

If you look hard, housing data offers good news

Jul 17, 2015
Numbers suggest recovery is gaining steam; banks may hold key to the next level.

The good and bad of rising consumer debt

Feb 19, 2014
Consumer debt is up, particularly among young adults. Is this a good sign?

More young adults strike out on their own

Sep 20, 2012
Kids who moved back in with Mom and Dad now finally have the means to leave home, says newly-released Census data.