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Gillette, Wyoming: Industry and politics in coal country

Mar 10, 2017
Under a new administration, this extraction-industry town feels revitalized.
Eagle Butte Mine is one of the many open-pit mines that characterize Wyoming and the western mining industry.
Hayley Hershman/Marketplace

Imagining the future of coal in Gillette, Wyoming

Feb 23, 2017
As the energy market dwindles, some are finding new uses for coal.
In Gillette, Wyoming, Atlas Carbon is finding new uses for coal.
Hayley Hershman / Marketplace

Why two American billionaires are betting on renewable energy

Feb 8, 2017
Philip Anschutz and Warren Buffett, two of America’s richest moguls, see a greener future for the electric grid.
Philip Anschutz plans to build wind turbines in Wyoming, like these turbines near Palm Springs, California, and sell electricity to the California market.
David McNew/Getty Images

Wyoming's powerful coal industry is facing a downturn

May 16, 2016
Hundreds have been laid off.
A large surface coal mine near Gillette, Wyoming.
PDTillman/Wikimedia Commons

Layoffs arrive in Wyoming's coal fields

Apr 7, 2016
Two large mines lay off 15 percent of workers, as the industry's troubles come to Wyoming
Coal mine in Wyoming. 
Greg Goebel/Flickr

Wyoming debates refugee resettlement

Sep 21, 2015
There is stiff opposition to refugees in the only state without a resettlement program.

Affordable housing for teachers in short supply

Jul 24, 2015
Some cities are building lower-cost homes for educators and hospital workers.

For public good, not for profit.

Pine Beetle timber boom could soon bust

Apr 23, 2015
The beetle has eaten almost all the host trees, leaving less dead wood to harvest.

Wyoming tries to prepare for life beyond oil

Jan 8, 2015
Energy states have tried to diversify. Wyoming and Alaska remain highly reliant on oil revenue.

To build housing, or not, for oil boom workers

Jan 6, 2015
When an investment is good for transient energy workers, but not for a small town.