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Federal rules around COVID and health care workplaces lapse

Dec 29, 2021
Under the requirements, OSHA had issued COVID-specific workplace standards for things like training, respirators and adequate ventilation.
OSHA required health care employers to provide things like training and adequate ventilation, but those protections were temporary.
Brandon Bell via Getty Images

Trans workers face bias, barriers that affect income as pandemic lingers

Nov 20, 2020
Before the pandemic, Black trans workers faced the most economic challenges of any group in the U.S.
For those who do land jobs, 77% of trans individuals say they’ve taken active steps to avoid mistreatment at work.
The Gender Spectrum Collection

Domestic workers still don't have safety protections on the job

Oct 5, 2020
A California bill that would have extended those protections to house cleaners, nannies and elder care workers was vetoed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.
Cleaning staff disinfect the lectern in the White House pressroom in April. The COVID-19 outbreak at the White House has highlighted the importance of workplace safety laws.
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