The success of women's college basketball is more than just Caitlin Clark

Mar 19, 2024
There are now a lot more ways to watch and engage with sports. People are seeking out women’s leagues on streaming platforms. Social media hype is attracting new fans. And brands are taking notice, providing the women's league with more resources.
University of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark is getting a lot of credit for the growing fan base of NCAA women's basketball. "But this is not the one and only talent," says sports management professor Ceyda Mumcu of the University of New Haven..
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Women's soccer is growing globally. U.S. college sports are part of that.

Investment and equality in U.S. college sports has translated to more success for women in soccer around the world.
U.S. colleges have provided women's soccer players from around the world the resources, investment and infrastructure needed for strong development. Pictured: Merel van Dongen (R) of the Netherlands during the 2023 World Cup. She played soccer at the University of Alabama before going on to an international career.

High rates of injury in women's soccer may be due to lack of funding

Jul 26, 2023
Knee injuries and concussions are more likely in the women's game. That may be because its equipment and training regimens are designed for men.
One reason female players are more likely to tear their ACLs is that women's soccer is under-resourced, and strength programs that can decrease the likelihood of injury aren't frequently implemented.
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Women's World Cup: More teams, more money

Jul 20, 2023
FIFA sold media rights separately for the women's and men's tournaments this year, boosting the revenue potential for players and teams.
A screen displays the attendance during a match between Australia and Ireland at the Women's World Cup on Thursday. This year’s Women’s World Cup is expected to be watched by bigger crowds and bigger global audiences.
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As women's sports grow in popularity, so does the bar that only airs women's matches

Apr 7, 2023
"Spaces like this are really important for not just sports and not just representation, but for the people who come to be a part of that community," said Jenny Nguyen, owner of the Sports Bra in Portland, Oregon.
Celebrating the bar's first anniversary, Nguyen reflects on the The Sports Bra's place in the community.
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At The Sports Bra in Portland, it's all women's sports, all the time

Dec 5, 2022
"All we were doing was changing the channel," says Jenny Nguyen, founder and owner of The Sports Bra.
The interior of The Sports Bra, a bar in Portland, Oregon, which shows off flags and paraphernalia from a variety of women's teams.
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FIFA says broadcasters lowballed bids for the Women's World Cup

Oct 21, 2022
With the popularity of the women's game soaring, FIFA has asked broadcasters to up their bids.
Above, the U.S. Women's Soccer team celebrates their 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup win. This year, the federation has asked broadcasters to up their bids for broadcast rights after receiving lowball offers.
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For public good, not for profit.

One small step for the WNBA, one giant leap for women's sports

Jan 27, 2020
As athletes demand equal pay, a salary hike in women's basketball is promising
Alyssa Thomas of the Connecticut Sun plays in Game 3 of the WNBA finals in 2019.
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U.S. women's soccer team files gender discrimination suit

Mar 11, 2019
The lawsuit against U.S. soccer claims the women were subject to "institutionalized gender discrimination" for years.
Alex Morgan #13 of United States and Carli Lloyd congratulate Megan Rapinoe #15 after a goal in the second half against the Mexico at BBVA Compass Stadium on April 8, 2018 in Houston, Texas.
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What if they held a bake sale for women's pro sports?

Oct 4, 2017
Without big sponsors, women's football survives on school-style fundraising, the NFL's first female coach says.
Jen Welter worked in the NFL as a coach for the Arizona Cardinals.
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