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The WNBA is bringing in more sponsors. Will that be enough of an assist for more viewers?

May 6, 2022
The league opens Friday with a record 38 sponsors.
A WNBA basketball.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Pro athletes have a platform, and they're using it

Aug 27, 2020
By refusing to take to the court or field, players are trying to effect change. But how effective are they likely to be?
The court is empty after players strike game five between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Orlando Magic during the playoffs on Aug. 26.
Ashley Landis/Pool/Getty Images

One small step for the WNBA, one giant leap for women's sports

Jan 27, 2020
As athletes demand equal pay, a salary hike in women's basketball is promising
Alyssa Thomas of the Connecticut Sun plays in Game 3 of the WNBA finals in 2019.
Kathryn Riley/Getty Images