Three people involved in Wikileaks ask court not to force Twitter to give up information

by John Moe Feb 9, 2011
Is Wikileaks a criminal conspiracy or a political discussion? That seems to be at the heart of a debate over whether Twitter should be forced to g...

State Department to invest $30 million in internet freedom

by John Moe Jan 11, 2011
On our show this morning we talked about the Justice Department trying to take down Wikileaks. But at the same time, the State Department is making...

Haikuleaks. Or Wikihaiku.

by John Moe Dec 29, 2010
We first spotted this over at, Andy Baio's highly recommended web site. Some French guys ran the texts of the Wikileaked cables through a...

WTF: the Wikileaks Task Force at the CIA

by John Moe Dec 22, 2010
Yes, that's what they're really calling it. Works out since it's both the acronym of the name of the task force and what CIA employees are saying...

Philosophical DDoS attacks are not the exclusive province of Wikileaks

by John Moe Dec 22, 2010
Our friends at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society say that the number of online attacks intended to shut down human rights groups'...

Apple yanks Wikileaks app

by John Moe Dec 21, 2010
The app wasn't actually produced by Wikileaks, just by an enterprising developer who charged $1.99 (for stuff you can read free lots of places). It...

Plea deal if Manning rats out Assange?

by John Moe Dec 17, 2010
The Independent is reporting that Private First Class Bradley Manning has been offered a plea deal to reduce his sentence if he agrees to name...

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Air Force bans not just but the New York Times as well

by John Moe Dec 15, 2010
And Der Spiegel and Le Monde and The Guardian and any other news outlet that published information from Wikileaks. When Air Force personnel try to...

Wikileaks: the game

by John Moe Dec 14, 2010
You break into the Oval Office, wait for Obama to fall asleep, then you hijack his laptop. Because Barack Obama is ALWAYS falling asleep at his...

Wikileaks backlash backlash backlash

by John Moe Dec 10, 2010
Okay, follow me here. ...

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