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What's up, Europe? ECB plan gives hope, worries Spain

Sep 10, 2012
Markets have been a brighter in the past week after the European Central Bank announced a plan to keep Spain, Italy and other troubled economies afloat. But the possibility of even more austerity on top of sky-high unemployment has the Spanish worried.

What's up, Europe? Checking in with U.K. ex-pats

Sep 3, 2012
Two ex-pats living in the U.K. discuss the jobs picture abroad.

What's up, Europe? Small talk turns to finance in Italy

Jul 24, 2012
A number of Southern Italian cities, including the entire province of Sicily, are on the verge of bankruptcy.
A general view of the church of San Giuseppe in Taormina, Italy on the island of Sicily.
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

What's up, Europe? Umbrellas for Bastille Day

Jul 13, 2012
Tomorrow is Bastille Day in France, the French will be celebrating despite the rainy weather and eurozone turmoil. This week French carmaker, Peugot, announced major layoffs, signaling the tough economic climate facing the country.

What's up, Europe? Protesters in Madrid

Jul 11, 2012
In Spain today, the government announced new austerity measures to meet the terms of the bank bailout early this month: $80 billion worth of tax increases and pay and benefit cuts.

What's up, Europe? Ex-pats in the U.K.

Jul 4, 2012
For Americans abroad, this 4th of July is spent talking about Barclays and David Beckham -- all while knocking back a few at the pub.

What's up, Europe? Irish continue to muddle

Jun 22, 2012
As the Irish keep an eye on Greece and Spain, what news is keeping the Irish upbeat?

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What's up, Europe? Germany vs. Greece in soccer match

Jun 21, 2012
Germany will battle Greece in the quarterfinals of the European Football Championship. What kind of tensions might play out during the game?

What's up, Europe? Italy's distraction from the crisis

Jun 19, 2012
What are Italians talking about these days? Soccer. But the eurozone crisis is still keeping people on edge.

What's up, Europe? After Greece, spotlight's on Spain

Jun 18, 2012
Now that the Greek election has passed, people are looking at Spain -- which may be headed towards a full bailout.