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Unemployment claims hit lowest level since pandemic

Apr 15, 2021
The number last week was 576,000 claims, down sharply from a peak of 900,000 in early January.
For the week ending March 27, 16.9 million people were continuing to collect jobless benefits, down from 18.2 million in the previous week.
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Unemployment claims back up again

Apr 8, 2021
And a total of 18.2 million people were receiving some form of jobless aid the week of March 20.
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Weekly jobless claims are up, but other signs point to a recovering job market

Apr 1, 2021
The larger trend in jobless claims is down, while airline reservations and manufacturing work shifts are up.
Labor market indicators such as job postings and manufacturing work shifts have been improving.
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Unemployment claims rise back above 700,000

Apr 1, 2021
That signals many employers are still cutting jobs even as more businesses reopen, more vaccines go out and federal aid spreads.
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Unemployment claims hit lowest level since pandemic began

Mar 25, 2021
Still, a total of 18.9 million people are continuing to collect jobless benefits, up from 18.2 million in the previous week.
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Unemployment claims rise to 770,000 with layoffs still high

Mar 18, 2021
The four-week average of claims, which smooths out weekly variations, dropped to 746,000, the lowest since late November.
About 18.2 million Americans were receiving some form of jobless aid in the week of Feb. 27, down by 1.9 million from the week before.
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Unemployment claims fall to 712,000 as pace of layoffs eases

Mar 11, 2021
It's evidence fewer employers are cutting jobs amid a decline in confirmed coronavirus cases and signs of an improving economy.
Though the job market has been slowly strengthening, many businesses remain under pressure, and 9.6 million jobs remain lost to the pandemic that flattened the economy 12 months ago.
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Unemployment claims tick back up yet again

Mar 4, 2021
That's despite a drop in confirmed viral infections and evidence that the overall economy is improving.
The number of people applying for unemployment benefits edged higher last week to 745,000.
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After nearly a year, weekly unemployment claims remain high

Mar 4, 2021
These persistently high jobless claims indicate a lot of labor market volatility.
Every week since the pandemic shutdowns started in March 2020, there have been more new unemployment claims filed than in any single week during the Great Recession.
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Unemployment claims still above 700,000

Feb 25, 2021
It's the lowest figure since late November for weekly jobless claims, but the labor market isn't making much progress.
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