Food waste provides fertile ground for tech innovators

by Sasa Woodruff Oct 27, 2014
New apps connect retailers and restaurants with food charities and composters.

More fracking produces more open waste pits

by David Martin Davies Oct 14, 2014
Residents of a Texas town are apprehensive about sludge pits planned in their community.

Coal ash = environmental win (when you recycle it)

by Dan Weissmann Apr 28, 2014
The toxic discharge from coal plants beats Portland cement when used in concrete.
Food for 9 Billion

Half of world's food is thrown out, wasted: Study

by Stephen Beard Jan 10, 2013
Up to half the world’s food is wasted -- that’s the conclusion of a study by Britain’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers.
Food for 9 Billion

Spilled and spoiled: Exploring two worlds of food waste

by Marketplace Contributor Aug 27, 2012
An alarming amount of the food we produce is never eaten. It’s a huge waste of land, water, labor, fuel and other resources. How to limit the losses? That depends on where we live.
Food for 9 Billion

Spilled and spoiled: In the U.S., consumers are the food wasters

by Adriene Hill Aug 27, 2012
Where food is cheap and plentiful, consumers are the biggest wasters -- whether at home, in restaurants or at school. But how much of this waste is preventable?

Where to put all our nuclear waste?

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 17, 2012
The United States isn't the only country looking for a place to store nuclear waste safely for all eternity. But the U.S. may be closer to a solution.

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Industrial waste wells could be leaking underground

by Jeff Horwich Jun 21, 2012
If these wells are leaking, they could contaminate water supplies and disrupt the most important way we dispose of liquid waste.
BBC World Service

One animal's waste is another man's treasure

by Romi Levine Jun 8, 2012
Here in the United Kingdom, retail giants like Wal-Mart and grocery store chain Tesco are food waste into green energy.
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I live in an apartment. Can I still compost?

by Adriene Hill Aug 12, 2010
Easy Answer: Yup. Especially if you're willing to make nice with worms....

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