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Activist groups are helping formerly incarcerated Floridians vote by paying their outstanding fees and fines

Sep 23, 2020
Legal challenges to the fees continue, but they're not likely to succeed before Election Day.
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Voting rights advocates equate fees to modern-day poll tax

In most states, a felony conviction can result in the loss of voting rights for some period of time.
Voters cast ballots in Chestertown, Maryland, in October 2018.
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No votes or donations, but DREAMers still play election role

May 27, 2016
Undocumented immigrants have a lot at stake in the election, but can't donate cash.
Carlos Martinez can't vote or donate to campaigns, so he instead focuses on non-partisan voter outreach, encouraging those who can to vote.
Natalí Faxas

Why Facebook created a new kind of stock

Apr 28, 2016
The company's new C class shares means more control, and it's not the only company to use a tiered system.
Facebook will create a new class of share to sell to investors shares that don't give investors voting power. 
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