This van life-er left her corporate job for a life on the road

Feb 29, 2024
Abby Joselyn planned to live out of her van for two years. But now, a year and a half into her vanlife journey, she "can't imagine being done in six months."
Joselyn now makes lifestyle videos for social media full-time to pay for her expenses.
Courtesy Abby Joselyn

For one Denver couple, home is a 25-foot RV

May 26, 2020
They wanted to save money and live more simply. Then came quarantine.
Rebecca and Michael Nunziato live in an RV in Denver, with a cat, dog and hedgehog.
Courtesy Michael and Rebecca Nunziato

The real story behind all those #Vanlife photos on the internet

May 2, 2017
Writer Rachel Monroe says it’s a phenomenon 'born out of the recent recession.'
“This lifestyle is appealing to people because it's cheap and because they don't have a lot of options for settling down and building a solid life,” said Rachel Monroe, who wrote about the #vanlife phenomenon for The New Yorker.