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Satisfied with Trump in rural Pennsylvania

Feb 20, 2018
We check in with small business owners about changes they've seen with Trump as president.
Union City, Pennsylvania — population 3,300, is located in the rural outskirts of Erie.

In rural America, school choice sometimes means virtual school

Jul 28, 2017
As traditional schools lose students to online programs, some costs remain.
Weaving is one of the skills taught at Union City High School, where Emily Adams, 16, is a rising senior.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

More kids are logging on to learn at cyber schools

Jul 27, 2017
It's an alternative to traditional schools that don't work for some kids. But there are some concerns about the charters' performance and oversight.
Jakob Pandolph, 9, attends the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, one of the largest online public schools in the country.
Amy Scott/Marketplace