Money from Eric Trump's cancer charity flowed back to the Trump Organization

by Kai Ryssdal, Bridget Bodnar, and Sean McHenry Jun 7, 2017
When good intentions go awry.
“You can't have the Donald Trump Foundation doing business with the Donald Trump course, which is what happened,” says Dan Alexander of Forbes. Above, President Donald Trump speaks as his son Eric Trump looks on.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images
Final Note

Business activities of the president of the United States

by Kai Ryssdal Jan 25, 2017
It's twice as expensive to gain membership at the Mar-a-Lago, and Trump Hotels want to triple their numbers.
A coat of arms at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. 

What will Trump critics do about conflicts now?

by Mark Garrison Jan 12, 2017
There could be a legal fight brewing.

Trump’s plan to end conflicts raises questions

by Mark Garrison Jan 11, 2017
Assets will be transferred to a trust, overseen by his sons
President-elect Donald Trump speaks at a news cenference at Trump Tower on January 11, 2017 in New York City. 
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump conflicts could become a risky distraction

by Mark Garrison Nov 30, 2016
Questions about the president-elect's business could put policy agenda at risk.
Donald Trump and some of his business executives attend an opening ceremony for a property in Las Vegas, Nevada back in 2008.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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