Perception of security

Nov 22, 2006
Thousands of Americans will have items confiscated from their carry-on luggage this holiday weekend. Bob Moon checks into how the TSA identifies which items it considers a threat.

Investors banking on friendlier economic skies

Nov 22, 2006
A private investment firm has offered to buy Qantas Airways for close to $10 billion. John Dimsdale looks at why they're keen to invest in the airline, given the industry's reputation as a money drain.

An airline bid down under

Nov 22, 2006
Two investment firms have teamed to make an $8.5 billion offer for Australia's Qantas Airways.

We're paying more for holiday travel

Nov 22, 2006
The plane tickets, the hotel, gasoline — getting to Grandma's house is more expensive than ever this year. Amy Scott breaks it down.

Sloan Sessions: US Air's play for Delta

Nov 20, 2006
Host Scott Jagow and Newsweek's Allan Sloan discuss US Airways' hostile takeover bid for Delta Air — and what the outcome will mean to passengers.

Holiday travelers, take a deep breath

Nov 17, 2006
It's the perfect recipe for Thanksgiving travel madness: packed planes, confusing security rules and lots of novice travelers. Hillary Wicai reports.

US Air launches hostile takeover

Nov 15, 2006
Delta has said repeatedly that it's not for sale, but that's not dissuading US Airways — and the company has good reason to pursue the merger now, Amy Scott reports.

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US Airways wants Delta

Nov 15, 2006
News of a major buyout offer in the airline industry this morning: US Airways has offered $8 billion for Delta.

Growing India's air travel market

Nov 14, 2006
The head of the FAA is in India this week hoping to help make that country's airports safer. Miranda Kennedy tells us what's in it for the U.S.

Liquid ban with a Twin Cities twist

Nov 7, 2006
Commentator and travel expert Rudy Maxa found out the hard way that some cabs in his Minnesota hometown have their own set of restrictions for your carry-on bags: No alcohol allowed.