It's Time Warner Inc., not Time Warner cable

Oct 27, 2016
Don't worry, the government is having trouble keeping it straight too.

'Greedy,' 'heartless' ... but also, 'on-time'

Feb 10, 2016
Cable TV is trying to change its image. Time Warner Cable is one example.
Cable TV is trying to change its image. Time Warner Cable is one example.
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

What 'New Charter' might mean for you

May 26, 2015
How 'New Charter' could change your cable bill and your relationship with TV.

Charter moves to acquire Time Warner Cable

May 26, 2015
And why it may go more smoothly than the failed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger.

Cable giants call off merger

Apr 24, 2015
Cable giants Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable won't pursue a merger.

How Time Warner Cable and Comcast might reassure the feds

Apr 21, 2015
A look at the concessions that could keep the Time Warner Cable-Comcast merger aloft.

The Comcast merger with Time Warner isn't a sure thing

Feb 24, 2015
A lot has changed since the deal was announced last year.

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Time Warner and AOL: The marriage that never took

Jan 9, 2015
Companies' merger was once hailed as the leading edge of a new age, the Internet.

That perfect 'Seinfeld' episode about cable companies

Jul 17, 2014
Customer service from the cable company is a classic joke, and that's not funny.

$200 a month for TV in 2020

Jun 25, 2014
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