Unlocking iPhones spells money, and lots of it

Mar 29, 2016
Unlocking smartphones could be a nice money-maker for encryption companies.

The Dispatch, Ep 8: Checking in safe on Facebook

Mar 25, 2016
A look at the advantages and pitfalls of Facebook's 'Safety Check' feature.
A victim receives first aid by rescuers on Tuesday in Brussels after a series of terrorist attacks.

French security sector grows with terrorism threat

Mar 23, 2016
Nearly 10,000 additional security forces already protect major tourist sites, synagogues and government buildings in France.
French soldiers patrol inside the departure terminal of the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on Wednesday, a day after triple bomb attacks in Brussels killed more than 30 people and left more than 200 people wounded.

More security coordination needed in Brussels

Mar 23, 2016
Belgium has largely been on its own in responding to terror threats.
Soldiers stand guard at the entrance of Brussels' central station on Wednesday, one day after the attacks on Brussels airport and a metro station in the city. 

Scientists want to ID terrorists using their ‘V’ hand gestures

Mar 11, 2016
A new study documents the potential role of AI technology and biometrics in fighting terrorism.
A man gestures through a smashed window after making a bomb threat near Sydney, Australia.

Investigating homegrown terrorism in 'United States of Jihad'

Feb 3, 2016
Peter Bergen discusses his new book

Treasury, UN work to cut off ISIS funding

Dec 15, 2015
U.S., UN hold summit on terror financing.

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On the ground in Paris

Nov 16, 2015
Kai Ryssdal talks with Marketplace's Stephen Beard, who reports from Paris.

Paris in the wake of Friday's attacks

Nov 16, 2015
Paris returns to some degree of normalcy, but locals are still shaken.

Interrupting funding to terrorist groups

Nov 16, 2015
French jets are attacking ISIS targets in an attempt to disrupt supply lines.