Teens have "kept the economy going," and their workforce numbers show it

"About 37% of teens worked last year," says Abha Bhattarai of The Washington Post. "These teens are really excited," employers tell her.
Teen employment reached a 14-year high in 2023, according to the Labor Department.
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Gen Z teens are heading back to the workforce; older Zoomers, not so much

Apr 7, 2023
Labor force participation for 20- to 24-year-olds is lagging. Zoomers whose educations were interrupted by the pandemic are still catching up.
In March, 37.4% of Americans aged 16 to 19 were actively employed or looking for work, according to the Labor Department.
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Without teen workers, "we'd have to close our doors"

Nov 9, 2021
A hot job market continues to seek out teenagers. But will that hurt their academics and long-term job prospects?
Amid a labor shortage, the teenage employment rates remain high.
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