Teachers still haven't recovered financially from the recession

Apr 6, 2018
Flat or reduced spending in education has meant lower or stagnant salaries and reductions to benefits.
West Virginia teachers, students and supporters hold signs on a Morgantown street as they continue their strike on March 2.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Supreme court hears arguments on compelling union dues

Feb 27, 2018
When the Supreme Court has decided about the fairness of mandatory union dues in the past, unions have historically prevailed. In the current case before the court, Janus v. AFSCME, however, the makeup of the court is different. A ruling against the unions could have far reaching political implications on the power of teachers unions in […]

Teachers spend hundreds of dollars on back to school supplies

Aug 11, 2017
We spoke with a Los Angeles teacher about the school supplies she buys for her classroom each year, and what she wishes the school budget would cover.
A school teacher shops for back to school supplies in California. 
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Which states spend more on high-poverty schools? The Urban Institute takes a look

May 31, 2017
Education policy experts generally agree that it costs more to teach kids living in poverty. They come into school at a disadvantage, often need support services and it’s harder to attract good teachers to high-poverty schools. The Urban Institute is out with new data Wednesday looking at which states spend more money on those schools. […]

National Teacher Day brings gifts, but teachers also want support, better pay

May 9, 2017
Tuesday is National Teacher Day. Starting today and throughout the week, school-age children will be showering their teachers with everything from thank you notes to home baked goods to gift cards. It’s meant to show appreciation for all teachers do. But school systems across the country are having a hard time attracting and retaining quality […]

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Black teachers can lower dropout rates, researchers say

Apr 6, 2017
Black students do better when they have role models that look like them.
“Kids we’re seeing, especially those who are disadvantaged, don’t have role models that look like them and went to college, so they don’t think college is something for them,” said Nicholas Papa-George of Johns Hopkins. He co-authored a study on the “role model effect” for black students.
Dave Einsel/Getty Images

The women's strike triggers two school district closures for the day

Mar 6, 2017
Administrators say the upcoming “A Day Without a Woman" event will cause a staffing shortage.
Women across the U.S. might join nation-wide strike on Wednesday and not go to work.
Paul Almasy/Three Lions/Getty Images

Low teacher salaries prompt Arizona schools to find creative recruiting tools

Nov 7, 2016
Finding and keeping good teachers is a challenge, especially in rural Arizona.
School administrators say it's now a teacher's market in Arizona. So for soon-to-be teachers like ASU student Kristen Fisher, the prospects of finding a teaching job are very good. 
Carrie Jung/KJZZ