Taxi and Uber fight for the curb at Atlanta airport

Nov 24, 2015
Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta doesn't allow ride-share companies to pick up passengers.

At $18 billion, Uber isn't just competing with taxis

Jun 9, 2014
Rather, investors are betting they'll change transportation as we know it.

New York, Washington allow Uber to compete with taxis

Dec 13, 2012
For transportation app company, Uber, a victory in New York and Washington D.C., suggests a bright future.

Iconic London taxi faces uncertain future

Oct 24, 2012
The maker of London’s famed black cabs has filed for bankruptcy protection. Recession, quality issues and competition have hit profits.

Efforts to improve taxi safety in Chicago

Dec 14, 2011
New laws in Chicago, Ill. are meant to make it safer to ride in cabs, but it could also drive up the cost of leasing a taxi.

MID-DAY UPDATE -- Geithner: Fannie & Freddie can never be the same...

Aug 17, 2010
... So what SHOULD the government's role in housing be? Less defaulting, late pay on credit cards Americans cut back on routine medical care Cot...