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Here comes the tax bill marketing

Dec 21, 2017
The tax bill is passed; it just needs to be signed by the president. However, the ads, public relations stunts and campaigns in support of and against the tax bill are not over. Not even remotely. Expect to hear a lot more about taxes in the next year. Click the audio player above to hear […]

Taxes shape our behavior. Here's what to look for in the new bill

Dec 21, 2017
The Republican tax bill moves away from using the tax code as social engineering, though some behaviors are still incentivized.
The Capitol dome is seen as lawmakers continue to work towards tax legislation on Capitol Hill on Dec. 18, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Not everyone is going to get the same pass-through benefits from this tax bill

Dec 21, 2017
Two people doing the exact same job could be paying very different taxes by the end of the year.
“A construction worker who's in a favored industry might end up with a lower tax rate as an independent contractor instead of working for a construction company,” says Marketplace's Kimberly Adams.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Some Republicans point to North Carolina's 2013 tax cuts as a model, but the state faces budget shortfalls

Dec 21, 2017
North Carolina drastically cut corporate and income taxes in 2013, similar to today’s GOP tax plan in Congress. Corporate and income tax cuts created more jobs in North Carolina. But revenue shortfalls loom.
A general view of Charlotte, North Carolina's skyline. 
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A question for the tax plan: How will it help my business?

Dec 20, 2017
A business owner asks whether the tax plan is really going to help her or her company.
U.S. Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin, takes questions from the media after the House passed the tax overhaul bill Tuesday in the Capitol.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Corporate tax overhaul could mean a big windfall for banks

Dec 20, 2017
The Republican $1.5 trillion tax bill has been delayed because of procedural challenges from the Democrats. But when it does finally go through, one of the big winners will be banks. That’s because most of their business is here in the U.S., so they often pay higher taxes than other industries. A corporate tax rate […]

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After taxes, what’s next for the GOP?

Dec 19, 2017
Forget the tax overhaul. That’s old news. Republicans are already looking ahead to their next goal: cutting Medicare, Medicaid and other programs like food stamps. They’re calling it “entitlement reform.” Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

Commuters would lose an employee perk under the tax plan

Dec 19, 2017
Republicans on their way to the first big victory of the Trump administration keep talking about how many winners there are under their negotiated tax bill.  But the likely losers? Commuters, who have their parking, transit or bicycling subsidized by their companies. The new tax plan eliminates the incentive for private employers to continue offering […]

Want to make a charitable contribution to your state?

Dec 18, 2017
Many people spend many dollars trying to get out of their tax bills by finding loopholes and workarounds. Well, it’s very likely that states are going to be doing the same thing in a year or two. The intent is to lower the burden on their own residents who can no longer deduct as many […]