Killing the "death tax": Is it fair?

Nov 20, 2017
Depends on who you ask.
A member of College Republicans National Committee dresses as Grim Reaper as he marches on Capitol Hill to call on the Senate to eliminate the death tax June 8, 2006 in Washington, D.C.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

To win support for corporate tax reform, Trump promises a $4000 “pay raise”

Oct 13, 2017
To sell his tax plan, President Donald Trump is trying to send a message to ordinary Americans: that cutting corporate taxes will benefit them too. During a speech this week in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in front of a crowd of truckers, he claimed that by allowing companies to bring back overseas money at a low tax […]

Weekly Wrap: Can Trump's tax reform hold up?

May 5, 2017
Cardiff Garcia from FT Alphaville and Rachel Abrams from The New York Times join us to discuss the week’s business and economic news. This week they discuss the numbers from the recent jobs report and try to piece together President Trump’s tax reform plan. Just what challenges does his plan present? 
President Trump speaks in the White House Rose Garden following the House of Representatives vote on the health care bill on May 4.