Is the tax preparation service industry ready for the new federal tax law?

Aug 28, 2018
The industry’s expected to bring in higher revenue this year. But more taxpayers are expected to file online.

For people who qualify, free tax prep assistance is available

Apr 9, 2018
As tax day approaches, many Americans are rushing to tax preparers for paid help. The National Society of Accountants found in a survey last year that Americans paid tax preparers $176 on average to file federal and state returns. That’s without itemized deductions. But what programs are available for people with low incomes so that […]

Many countries help people prepare their taxes for free. Why doesn't the U.S.?

Oct 12, 2017
Two decades ago, Congress voted to have the IRS help Americans file their returns but it never happened.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

No one's minding the tax preparer store

Feb 29, 2016
There's almost no regulation of tax preparers in the U.S.
: A sign advertising one day remaining before the tax filing deadline is posted in front of a Liberty Tax Service.
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Predatory tax preparers target low-income households

Apr 3, 2015
Some tax preparers charge high fees and make dubious loans to vulnerable clients.