For some, navigating the pandemic is like “walking on a sheet of ice”

Jul 16, 2020
Tax accountant Michael Durant is seeing his small business clients through a storm, but facing another at home.
Certified Public Accountant Michael Durant said trying to survive the pandemic is "like walking on a sheet of ice" for some of his small business clients. "You're just trying to get to the other side and hoping that it maintains," he said.
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July 15 is Tax Day. And the IRS isn't pushing it back any further.

Except for one or two exceptions: Victims of severe weather in parts of the South this past April will have until Oct. 15.
Despite calls to extend the deadline another three months, the IRS says tax returns are due July 15.
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Accountants find little relief in extended tax deadline

Apr 14, 2020
Tomorrow was supposed to be Tax Day. Accountants are not resting.
This year, the federal tax deadline has been pushed back to July 15.
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Study looks at where the IRS audits more and less

Apr 15, 2019
“It is, in a way, a map of poverty in this country,” ProPublica reporter Paul Kiel says.
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Tax Day used to be a party at the post office

Apr 15, 2019
It was a deadline that brought people together.
A Playboy-branded Tax Day rest stop in the 1990s.
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Small business owners not totally clear on new tax law details

Apr 16, 2018
For now, they’re counting on customers to keep buying, according to a survey from the National Small Business Association. Click on the audio player above to hear the full story. 

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For people who qualify, free tax prep assistance is available

Apr 9, 2018
As tax day approaches, many Americans are rushing to tax preparers for paid help. The National Society of Accountants found in a survey last year that Americans paid tax preparers $176 on average to file federal and state returns. That’s without itemized deductions. But what programs are available for people with low incomes so that […]

People would give up 2.5 days of pay rather than itemize deductions

Apr 6, 2018
People take the standardized deduction when they could get a bigger refund if they itemized.

Fewer audits, more cheaters are likely this tax season

Mar 30, 2018
Tax-filing day is almost here, and taxpayers know they’re unlikely to be audited. The IRS doesn’t have enough employees or resources to come after all the cheats. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.