Female truckers say Facebook’s algorithms may be steering job ads away from women, older workers

Dec 20, 2022
A complaint to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission alleges that these algorithms may be recreating hiring biases — unintentionally, in some cases, but still illegally.
Meta, Facebook’s parent company, said it has a new system in the works to prevent ad discrimination.
Noah Berger/AFP via Getty Images

When it comes to health apps, don't count on HIPAA to protect your medical info

Sep 26, 2022
Web searches about medical issues and data in health trackers aren't guaranteed the confidentiality given to records in a doctor's office.
HIPAA protects the information about you that resides with your doctors and insurers. It doesn't apply to your web browsing or app use, though.
Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)

Apple bets on users opting in to be tracked, rather than opting out

Apr 20, 2021
Apple's new App Tracking Transparency feature comes as a blow to advertisers who've depended on default tracking.
This change means apps won’t be able to collect as much data about mobile users or sell it to advertisers.
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Retailers want more than your cash this holiday season

Nov 22, 2018
Stores and websites want your data too
The billions of dollars spent on holiday shopping each year leaves out one big piece of the gift-giving puzzle.
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