The logistics sector was weak in November, but that's not necessarily bad news

Dec 6, 2023
The Logistics Managers Index fell the most since April 2022, when inventories were up and shipping and warehouse costs were sky-high.
Inventory levels are down because consumers are doing a lot of buying. Plus, smoother supply chains are making more goods available in the first place.
Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

How Shanghai's DIY supply chains helped us live through the long COVID lockdown

Jun 6, 2022
What happens when supply chains collapse and it's up to district governments, neighbors and friends to fill the gap?
A volunteer clad in safety gear delivers food during the lockdown while Shanghai residents were not allowed to leave their apartments.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

New supply chain worries emerge as China races to contain omicron

Jan 18, 2022
About 20 million people are in lockdown under China's zero-COVID policy, and economic disruptions may be ahead.
Lockdowns could affect the operations of the tech industry and Chinese ports.
Jade Gao

Supply chain acquisitions help streamline retail mess

Nov 2, 2021
The pandemic and global supply chain backlog has transformed the relationship between retailers and supply chain companies.
American Eagle Outfitters said it will acquire a fulfillment company, Quiet Logistics, to strengthen its supply chain.
Tim Boyle via Getty Images