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The "Coppertone Girl" is all grown up

Jul 4, 2017
As a toddler, Cheri Irwin modeled for her mother. It made her rear-end famous.
The Coppertone logo on a building in Miami. 
Phillip Pessar/Flickr

KFC releases fried-chicken scented sunscreen

Aug 23, 2016
Because who doesn't want to smell like the Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices at the beach.

A machine that puts sunscreen on for you, in a snap

Aug 18, 2016
Snappy Screen founder Kristen McClellan talks about her invention in the latest installment of our series, "Summer Brought to You By."
A SnappyScreen machine set up at a beach. 

Your sunscreen is way out of date

Sep 18, 2014
The FDA has banned certain chemicals that other countries find perfectly legal.

'Big Sunscreen' wins delay in new FDA rules

Jun 18, 2012
Stricter regulations on what sunscreen packaging can say were supposed to go into effect today, just in time for summer. But a delay sought by the industry means they won't happen until the winter.