Grilling industry leader gives us some tips for this weekend's barbecue

Jun 16, 2017
Chances are, you're probably grilling this weekend.

The cost of summer child care

How does your family make things work during the long break from school?
Swim instructor Jessica Raya assists Derek Muniz, 4, as he works on using his hands and feet at the same time during a class Monday at Thomas Pool in Fort Hood, TX. 
Daniel Cernero/Fort Hood Public Affairs Office

Back to school in August? Tourism businesses not happy

Sep 5, 2016
In some states, a pre-Labor Day school start is banned; but schools are pushing back.
Scheduling the first day of school can be tricky.
Visual Hunt

A machine that puts sunscreen on for you, in a snap

Aug 18, 2016
Snappy Screen founder Kristen McClellan talks about her invention in the latest installment of our series, "Summer Brought to You By."
A SnappyScreen machine set up at a beach. 

Artisanal soft serve ice cream finds its sweet spot

Aug 12, 2016
At Magpies, the flavors are chef-driven and the sugar's just right. Corn almond, anyone?
Rose Schwartz helps a customer at Magpies. 
Bridget Bodnar/Marketplace

The surprising story behind the rise of flip-flops

Aug 5, 2016
The humblest shoes of summer got their start thousands of years ago
The classic, inexpensive summer shoe got its start centuries ago.
Glenn Brown/Flickr via Creative Commons

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Welcome to the war of inflatable pool toys

Jul 29, 2016
For BigMouth Inc., this season has meant lots of summertime sadness.
STR/AFP/Getty Images

Concert industry headed for a record year

Aug 17, 2015
The top of the earnings list leans heavily on the back catalog.

Getting a break on back-to-school purchases

Aug 10, 2015
Many states offer short tax holidays, but it may be a modest spending season.