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Companies offer private bus services to get young workers to commute from cities to the suburbs

Dec 18, 2017
As real estate in major cities continues to go up in price, companies are increasingly moving offices to the suburbs. In order to attract young workers from the cities, some companies offer private bus services for employees making the reverse commute.
Jennifer Fusco (left) and Laura Montero-Stern (right) on the Boston Scientific commuter bus in Massachusetts.
Aaron Schachter/ for Marketplace

Farm families in the west under pressure to sell their water

Sep 1, 2016
Farm water rights increasingly going to sustain condos and suburban lawns.
Auctioneer Spanky Assiter calls bids for land and water rights at a real estate auction in Loveland, Colorado. 
Luke Runyon/KUNC and Harvest Public Media

The suburbs aren't immune from economic anxiety

Jun 30, 2016
Our poll shows people are feeling less stable, despite the overall improvement.
Unity Barber shop is in the Washington, D.C., suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland.
Greta Hallberg/Marketplace

A move toward three bedrooms and two baths

Feb 25, 2016
Half of all millennial buyers are purchasing single-family homes in the suburbs.
Cozy homes in Chicago's urban core can cost in the high hundreds of thousands to millions, pricing out many first-time home buyers.
Nova Safo

Sidewalks offer curb appeal for modern communities

Dec 9, 2015
Sandy Springs, Ga. doesn’t have many sidewalks, but is trying to build them.

Death in the suburbs: Reinventing the American mall

Feb 26, 2015
Deserted malls dot the suburbs. But some are getting a new lease on life.
Santa Fe Mall in Duluth, GA, is geared toward Hispanic shoppers. Highlights include a popular food court. 
Caitlin Esch

Tackling urban blight with a paintbrush

Aug 5, 2014
One way to ensure your property prices don't fall: spruce up your neighborhood

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The suburbs: No longer the American Dream?

Aug 1, 2013
The American Dream is moving away from suburbia. Why?