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Denver wants to help the middle class move on up

Jan 16, 2018
A new housing subsidy plan in Denver aims to make high end apartments affordable.

Why the government believes seniors are paying $200 million more for drugs than they need to

Aug 9, 2017
Critics say a controversial program that provides hospitals with deep discounts is being abused.

Subsidies keep Texas cotton farmers growing

Aug 17, 2012
The aid, which dates from the Great Depression, could end when Congress acts on the next farm bill. The World Trade Organization has ruled it's an illegal subsidy, and legislators are looking for budget items to slash.

President Obama asks to repeal big oil tax breaks

Mar 29, 2012
The president wants lawmakers to repeal $4 billion worth of tax breaks that oil companies currently get. How much of an issue are these subsidies?

If the oil subsidies went away

Mar 29, 2012
The defeat of a U.S. Senate bill to end oil company subsidies leads us to wonder: What would actually happen if subsidies ended?

New 2012 farm bill could end some crop subsidies

Feb 1, 2012
In Nebraska, where agriculture is booming right now, farmers say they aren't worried about possible changes or even if the decades-old direct subsidies disappear altogether. They just want the cuts in farm programs to be fair and equitable.

Nigeria loses oil subsidy, fuel prices double

Jan 2, 2012
Nigerians are expressing outrage this morning. The government has just announced it's nixing a longtime fuel subsidy. Gas prices there have more than doubled in many places.
Motorists are lining up today to stock up on fuel as the Nigerian government declared the end of oil subsidies in the country.

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