Federal student loan interest rates drop to historic low

May 12, 2020
But with high unemployment and economic uncertainty will students want to take on loans?
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The contestants behind a college debt game show

Oct 11, 2019
How do these people feel about competing on “Paid Off With Michael Torpey”? It’s an “absurd,” “dystopian” idea that will hopefully start a national conversation.
Photo courtesy Sean Collins-Smith

Can a game show help solve the student debt crisis?

Oct 11, 2019
"Paid Off With Michael Torpey" allows folks to compete with the goal of paying off their student loans.

Younger workers are pushing for greater work-life balance

Jun 3, 2019
They're bringing self-care to work and pushing for more flexibility to have a life.

Student loan debt is changing - what's your experience?

Students with large loan balances aren't defaulting, but they're not reducing their debt either.
About 60 percent of those who went to college had to take out student loans to pay for it. 
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Why do we keep student loan debt a secret?

Shame is "the overwhelming theme," a WNYC podcast host says.

What the Secretary of Education wishes he had accomplished

Jan 6, 2017
Secretary of Education John King reflects on his time in office.
Dr. John King, speaks during his Senate confirmation hearing to become Education secretary, on Capitol Hill, February 25, 2016 in Washington, DC. If confirmed by the US Senate, Dr. King will replace outgoing Education Secretary Arne Duncan. 
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A little known reason why students have so much debt

Nov 2, 2016
Colleges cannot require more than minimal financial counseling.
Students walk across the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles, California.
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Cutting interest rates on student debt

Nov 21, 2014
Wells Fargo has launched a loan modification program for student loan customers.

The heavy burden of student loans

Oct 8, 2014
A new report shows 20-somethings' average student loan debt is up $10,000 from 2005.