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Trouble with the FAFSA form this year? Tell us your questions

Feb 15, 2024
The new FAFSA form was supposed to simplify the application process, but the roll-out has hit some snags.
People have reported glitches with the new FAFSA.
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Massachusetts college eliminates loans and work requirements from student aid

Jun 13, 2022
Might other private colleges follow Williams College's lead?
Daniela Corona stands outside the admissions building where she works as a tour guide at Williams College.
Kirk Carapezza/GBH News

A move to simplify the FAFSA

Jan 28, 2015
Lawmakers want to knock the 108-question student aid form down to two questions.

Your Wallet: Getting financial aid, and getting out

Sep 26, 2014
Student loans can be scary and emotional, but key to getting an education.