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Chinese students, parents stressed by demands of extracurricular classes

Jun 9, 2021
Academic competition pressures families to enroll children in tutoring courses. But some parents are resisting.
Fifth-grader Ziyou cracks under pressure in "A Love for Dilemma," a Chinese TV series about the education rat race.
"A Love for Dilemma"

Lots of Americans go into debt over the holidays

Nov 26, 2019
It’s the most financially stressful time of the year.
A man walks past holiday decorations along Fifth Avenue in  New York.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Why most of our jobs are meaningless

May 23, 2018
A new book called "Bullshit Jobs: A Theory," looks at how a lot of the work that people do is meaningless.
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Wanna have a tantrum and smash something? Be her guest

Aug 3, 2016
Shawn Baker's company, Tantrums, lets you vent your rage — sledgehammers included.
Shawn Baker worked in the oil industry for 25 years before she got laid off. She started a Tantrums LLC to help other people let off steam. 
Brenda Salinas

Helping babies deal with toxic stress

Mar 29, 2016
A new approach supports parents, lessening toxic stress on a baby's brain.
Rebecca Schrag Hershberg is a doctor and clinical psychologist specializing in early childhood development. Her own son is three months old. She says that when a baby suffers from toxic stress, certain parts of the brain can end up underdeveloped.
Eilis O’Neill/Marketplace

As the world turns, don't stress about it

Mar 28, 2014
Marketplace Datebook for the week of March 31, 2014

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It's Monday. Let's talk about stress.

Feb 10, 2014
The Marketplace Datebook for February 11th.

What is the most stressful state?

Apr 26, 2013
When you think of stress centers around the country, New York City or Washington D.C. may come to mind. But according to a new poll from Gallup, the people of West Virginia, Rhode Island and Kentucky are the most stressed.

Americans not taking vacation, and it hurts

Nov 27, 2012
A survey finds people will leave an average of nine days of paid vacation unused this year. The stress that comes from not taking a break can affect their health.