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The California shutdown drove some salons underground

Feb 3, 2021
California salons are reopening after months of lockdown. But some never closed down completely.
A client gets a haircut at a barbershop operating outdoors last summer in Los Angeles.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

How small businesses are bracing for a COVID winter — or not

Nov 16, 2020
Many that survived the shutdowns in the spring have a strategy, while others fear they just won't make it.
A bar in Manhattan sells to-go cocktails at the beginning of the pandemic. Small businesses are preparing for another round of lockdowns, as the virus continues to surge across the country.
Victor J. Blue/Getty Images

His Houston food truck business has become “very hit or miss”

Aug 11, 2020
With traditional revenue sources like office buildings closed, one food truck owner explains the challenges he's facing during the pandemic.
Jose Sanchez's new food truck business had just picked up when COVID-19 started closing office buildings, a major source of customers.
Courtesy of Jose Sanchez.

In Texas, local and state officials battle over stay-at-home order

Jul 24, 2020
More than 400 people have died in Hidalgo County. An attempt to renew the local lockdown underscores differences with state policy.
Traffic waits to cross from Mexico into Hidalgo, Texas. The coronavirus has hit the region hard.
John Moore/Getty Images

How fast can the economy restart? It depends on how consumers feel

Apr 14, 2020
And those feelings may change between now and the lifting of stay-at-home orders.
David Dee Delgado/Getty Images