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Depleted sales tax revenue means states have to cut budgets

Jun 4, 2020
Texas is already near the bottom in per capita spending on education, and cuts would only make it worse.
A bar boarded up in Austin, Texas, in May. Texas is one of seven states without an income tax, so it relies more heavily on sales taxes.
Tom Pennington/Getty Images

State and local governments pinched as pandemic hits tax revenue

Apr 30, 2020
Many will be forced to tap rainy-day funds or turn to the bond market to make ends meet.
Union Station in Los Angeles. States and municipalities may turn to the bond market to support transportation systems and other facilities.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Online shoppers have to pay state sales tax, Supreme Court says

Jun 21, 2018
States and cities have long been saying that they have a right to profit from residents’ on line purchases.