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Is Spirit Airlines' business model to blame for the near riot over cancellations?

May 12, 2017
Spirit Airlines is in the spotlight this week after cancelled flights led to a near riot at its hub in Fort Lauderdale. The discount airline blamed “unlawful labor activity” by the pilots during contract negotiations, with their refusal to work some flights causing hundreds of cancellations. The union has denied the accusation but says its […]

Spirit Air: slashing prices at 30,000 feet

Mar 2, 2015
CEO Ben Baldanza talks about his airline's cheaper, stripped-down experience

CEO Ben Baldanza on how Spirit Airlines does things differently

Jan 22, 2013
One of South Florida's top business leaders runs one of the country's cheapest airlines.

Latest airline fee: $35 per carry-on?

Jun 1, 2012
Ahead of the summer travel season, some airlines are charging for carry-on bags. Industry expert David Parker Brown is defending the new fee.
A baggage handler loads bags onto a cart at San Francisco International Airport.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Spirit Airlines to charge $100 for late carry-on bags

May 4, 2012
Spirit's new fee made us dig into the archives to see what else airlines can charge us for.

BP goes in for the kill ...

Aug 2, 2010
"Static kill," that is -- pumping in mud & cement. Meanwhile, Congress looks into BP's use of chemical dispersants. And BP is said to be...

What else can airlines charge us for?

Feb 9, 2010
American Airlines has announced that economy-class passengers on its domestic flights will have to pay $8 for a blanket and pillow. Our Marketplace Players wonder what's next.

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