Wallpaper your house with spam

Feb 23, 2011
For some reason, a new company is offering wallpaper patterns that feature frequently used lines from spam emails. Nigerian princes, prescription...

Mechanical Turk is 40.92% spam generators

Dec 20, 2010
This according to researchers at NYU. They investigated all new HIT requesters on Amazon's Mechanical Turk site for September and October ...

One fifth of the world's spam has been stopped. And you may have been helping send it.

Oct 28, 2010
Twenty percent of the world's spam email has vanished. Why? Because Russian cops raided the apartment of a guy named Igor Gusev. One guy! And you know who was helping him send those spams? You were.

A real time tour of the world's spam producers

Aug 2, 2010
Postini, a company acquired by Google, used the Goog's mapping service to create this sprawling interactive map of who's producing the spam around...