European Debt Crisis

Is the European debt crisis resurfacing?

by Diane Swonk Apr 5, 2012
There are some economic headwinds blowing strong right now. And one of them is coming from Spain where a disappointing bond auction yesterday sent government borrowing costs to a 5 month high and renewed fears about the European Debt Crisis.

Amid budget crisis, Spaniards still buy Apple

by Lauren Frayer Apr 4, 2012
Spain is suffering the highest unemployment rate in Europe right now and is trying to shrink a major budget deficit. Still, Spanish consumers are buying up pricey Apple products -- and the company is taking notice.
BBC World Service

Strikes in Spain over government budget cuts

by Marketplace Staff Mar 29, 2012
Spain has the highest unemployment rate in the European Union and the government is hoping changes to labor laws will kick-start the economy.
BBC World Service

In Spain, Catholic church starting job recruitment push

by Tom Burridge Mar 26, 2012
The Catholic church in Spain is trying to draw more members to its ranks by promising a "job for life," but that is problematic for a number of reasons.

Spanish people facing unemployment over 20%

by Jeremy Hobson Feb 8, 2012
We speak to two unemployed Spanish women in Madrid about the dire job situation in their country.

Germany contracts, China looms

by David Brancaccio Jan 11, 2012
News today that the German economy contracted sent markets down sharply. But was it all just noise?
BBC World Service

Big lottery results awaited in Spain

by Guy Hedgecoe Dec 22, 2011
Amid economic strife across much of the country, citizens of Spain are buying up lottery tickets in the hope of winning big this holiday season.

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Spain's new prime minister will tackle debt, unemployment

by Adriene Hill Dec 21, 2011
Mariano Rajoy has been elected the new prime minister in Spain, and he will soon have to find solutions to the country's dire debt and unemployment problems.

The feel good factor

by David Brancaccio Dec 20, 2011
A surprisingly successful Spanish bond sale and news of an increase in new home construction spurred markets to rally today.

What Europe thinks of the super committee's inaction

by Stephen Beard Nov 21, 2011
It was just last week that President Obama criticized the Europeans for not solving their debt issues. But it looks like we aren't faring much better here in the U.S.

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