A "wiggle" in the housing market?

Aug 28, 2018
"The slowdown is a good thing for homebuyers,” one economist says.
Real estate website Zillow reported that more sellers lowered their asking prices in June.
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Climate change risk could lower a city’s credit rating

Oct 26, 2017
Credit agencies Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s recently put out reports laying out this scenario: federal disaster spending drying up while damages from increasing disasters continue to rise. If cities, counties or states are left more on their own to…

Illinois already had the worst credit rating of any state, and it just got lower

Jun 1, 2017
Illinois’ credit rating is now just short of junk. That’s the news after a downgrade from S&P Global Ratings. The agency cited Illinois’ budget stalemate and its $14.5 billion in unpaid bills. It will take more revenue and more cuts…

S&P 500 gives real estate a sector all its own

Sep 19, 2016
The new sector will make it easier for investors to track real-estate investment trusts.
Real estate had been a category previously grouped with the financial sector.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Sorry, Exxon.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

What's changed in the credit ratings business?

Feb 3, 2015
"Transformed" industry has more regulatory oversight and internal safeguards.

Fallout from S&P ban could last longer than a year

Jan 21, 2015
SEC gives S&P a suspension, opening a window for its bond-rating competitors.

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Twitter's 'junk' rating is not as stinky as it sounds

Nov 14, 2014
S&P just gave Twitter a BB- rating. So is it time to sell? Not really.

How stock market volatility could impact the economy

Oct 16, 2014
It's been a wild week on the stock market. The causes are numerous--from Europe to ebola to weak economic growth in the United States. But what are the likely effects--beyond the markets themselves?

Another ratings agency. Woohoo?

Jan 20, 2014
There’s a new kid on the block -- but will this agency be able to give the big boys a run for their money?

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