So you're ready to install solar

Jun 22, 2017
Here's what you need to do next.
A man brooms in front of a house with solar panels on the roof. 
Patrick Stollarz/ Getty

What does solar energy mean to you?

Do you have solar panels at home? Do your neighbors?

Man vs. Machine vs. Nature

Mar 10, 2016
Here are some numbers we're reading and watching for Thursday.

European eclipse sheds light on solar power challenges

Mar 20, 2015
Power grids have to be re-engineered to keep up with new sources of electricity.

A Jackie Chan movie just changed the solar industry

Nov 28, 2014
The material in blu-ray discs make solar panels more efficient.

Now you can buy solar power (of a sort) at Best Buy

Mar 12, 2014
The CEO of SolarCity talks about putting solar panels on more residential homes.

Installing solar panels? Think of the firefighters

Nov 12, 2013
For firefighters, there can be too many solar panels on a roof. Fire officials and the solar industry are paying attention to the concern.

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