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In China, your credit could depend on how often you visit your parents

Aug 20, 2018
The country is designing a credit score that factors in social behavior.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Brain Drain

How wealth influences social behavior

Jan 21, 2016
Your economic class has a lot to do with how generous you are.

Etiquette and rituals rule in Japan's business culture

Aug 11, 2015
Foreign firms best learn their way around a simple 'yes' before making a deal.

Good things come to those who wait

Aug 3, 2012
Turns out, making split-second gut decisions might not be the best way to make great choices. Author Frank Partnoy says those who take a slower pace win the race.
Author Frank Partnoy says that the instantaneous nature of our wired world is making us poorer decision makers. He says people need to learn how to delay gratification.

According to a recent study: we’re getting into fights cause of stuff we do on Facebook

Feb 9, 2012
A new Pew Internet report out today shows that the things we post on social networking sites (SNS) is creating some tension in our social lives:      49% of SNS-using adults said they have seen mean or cruel behavior…

Pinterest is a rising star, driving tons of traffic

Feb 2, 2012
A lot of people like to be board

Computer algorithm can predict social violence

Oct 12, 2011
Researchers at the New England Complex Systems Institute have come up with a computer model that can predict what regions of the world will erupt...

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