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Android-powered infotainment coming to cars from Nissan, Renault, Mistsubishi

Sep 19, 2018
There was some big news this week in the auto and tech industries, which are increasingly overlapping. The world’s largest automotive partnership, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, which sold more than 10 million cars around the world last year, is going to start embedding Google’s Android operating system in its cars starting in 2021.  The promise for […]

How hackable is your car?

Aug 4, 2016
Last year, two guys hacked a Jeep Cherokee. Here how things got better — or maybe not.

Are smart cars only as good as the roads they're driving on?

Mar 31, 2016
When lane markings don't work, neither do driverless cars, it seems.
A self-driving car traverses a parking lot at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California on January 8, 2016.