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When Foxtrot and Dom's grocery stores closed, local vendors were left scrambling

May 21, 2024
Hundreds of vendors were caught off guard when Outfox Hospitality abruptly shut down stores in Illinois, Texas and the Washington, D.C., area.
Justin Doggett, owner of cold brew company Kyoto Black, fills a pouch with coffee. Doggett is one of dozens of local vendors affected by the closings of Foxtrot and Dom's stores in late April.
Esther Yoon-Ji Kang

Credit card companies see big opportunity in small business spending

May 17, 2024
Small business spending has been fairly slow recently, according to American Express. But credit card companies see a lot of potential in the market.
The competition for business owners’ wallets has been heating up, despite today’s subdued spending environment.
visualspace via Getty Images

Schwan’s won customers with its ice cream delivery. A new name and layoffs challenge its legacy 

May 8, 2024
Since 1952, Schwan’s yellow trucks and friendly drivers have been delivering frozen food to households. The industry has become more competitive and crowded and recently, the company changed names and stopped deliveries in most states.
The company’s new name draws on its yellow trucks. “It’s not easy to build a new brand,” CEO Santana said. “But the food and the service is the same, and we will reinforce the new name with our customer base and attract new customers.”
Courtesy Yelloh

Small businesses see wage pressure easing

May 1, 2024
While the labor market is still tight, some owners aren’t feeling like they need to hike pay as much as they did earlier in the pandemic.
According to the Labor Department, wage gains have been slowing for the past two years.
Kameleon007/Getty Images

Small businesses could see big gains by boosting productivity

And they can achieve that through better collaboration with companies big and small in their industries.
"Small businesses are, really, the backbone of the economy in so many ways," says McKinsey's Anu Madgavkar.
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Some small businesses are squeezed between rising costs and customers with other options

Apr 18, 2024
For restaurants and retailers in particular, it can lead to something the Federal Reserve's Beige Book calls "lumpy" pricing.
Restaurants and retailers don’t necessarily have to raise prices to protect their profit margins, says Adrienne Slack at the Atlanta Fed. They can also save money by cutting back.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

This immigrant small businessman brings a taste of Bolivia to his community

Apr 12, 2024
Adrian Espinoza, owner of Empanada Club in Portland, Maine, talks about starting his business dealing with rising costs.
Adrian Espinoza, owner of Empanada Club in Portland, Maine, makes and sells Bolivian style empanadas at farmers markets, festivals and through his online shop.
Courtesy Espinoza

For public good, not for profit.

Small businesses have Now Hiring signs up — whether they need workers or not

Apr 2, 2024
So government stats on job openings may not be telling us much.
Frankesha Watkins, who owns a beauty supply store, said she always keeps a job listing posted because high turnover among her staff creates frequent openings.
Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Small business optimism ticked down in November

Dec 12, 2023
The National Association of Independent Business's small business optimism index has been below its historical average for nearly two years.
While the labor shortage have been easing, it's still a persistent issue for small businesses.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

From college friends to business partners, these stationers are celebrating 10 years in business together

Nov 30, 2023
Danielle McCarthy and Ellen Kelly run a luxury wedding stationery business in Newport, Rhode Island, where they specialize in letterpress printing.
Kelly and McCarthy met their freshman year of college at an art school in Beverly, Massachusetts. Now, they both live and run their stationery business in Newport, Rhode Island.
Erin McGinn Photography