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Boingo's CEO figured out how to monetize "free" Wi-Fi

Aug 2, 2017
David Hagan explains how the company went from charging $74.95 a month to giving away the service and still stayed in business.

David Hagan, Boingo CEO, thinks the smartphone of the future is “going to be distributed within us.”
Bridget Bodnar/Marketplace

Doctor housecalls are back with the click of button

Aug 10, 2015
Heal promises an MD in an hour for $99. Renee Dua is the mother of the invention.

BloomNation is changing the way we send flowers

Aug 3, 2015
A Silicon Beach based startup is disrupting the $30 billion flower industry

Science Inc. gives startups their big break

Meet Mike Jones, angel investor.

What's Silicon Beach?

Jul 27, 2015
We talked with CEOs in Silicon Valley's LA counterpart, and they're far from beach bums.

New school Silicon Beach meets old school Hollywood

Aug 30, 2013
With Netflix reporting first quarter revenue of over $1 billion, others are seeing profit in original storytelling. And major tech companies are setting up production studios all over L.A.