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The creator economy is turning to the sharing economy for camera gear

Dec 4, 2018
Online video creators hope better production quality means more views.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Why people of color charge less for Airbnb rentals in San Francisco

May 11, 2018
A new study examines the role of race in the home rental economy

Startups see untapped potential in apartment buildings

Aug 25, 2017
High-rise apartment buildings are a target for the growing home-sharing economy.
Construction workers work beside new apartment buildings in downtown Los Angeles, California on April 5, 2017.

Public libraries are now lending out ukuleles, neckties, and even telescopes

Aug 23, 2017
Libraries have started to lend out not just books and movies, but musical instruments and other paraphernalia for hobbies.
Library patrons in East Boston can check out gardening books and take seed packets home with them.
Daniel A. Gross/ for Marketplace

Millennials with "boom-mates" could ease the housing crunch

Aug 8, 2017
Renting a room from an empty nester can save a young person thousands a year. The older generation gets something, too.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Auto rental companies seeking a driverless lift from tech firms

Jun 27, 2017
The rise of ride-sharing apps has been tough for old-school rental car agencies. Who wants to pay for a car and parking when a couple of rides might be cheaper? But this week some rental car companies are getting a boost from partnerships with tech firms. Google’s Waymo announced a deal with Avis Budget Group […]

Uber's newest executive says its 'managers haven't been set up for success'

Jun 7, 2017
Uber has hired Harvard business professor Frances Frei to make changes at a pivotal moment for the company.
Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

For public good, not for profit.

Why ride sharing companies are absent from SXSW

Mar 15, 2017
Austin's 'quirky charm' is partly behind the city's complicated relationship with on-demand technology firms.

Airbnb thinks increased instant bookings will curb discrimination

Sep 8, 2016
The site will also downplay profile pictures and introduce racial bias training for its hosts.
Carl Court/Getty Images