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AMC moves to simplify its stock situation

Aug 22, 2023
The theater chain has been issuing stock to help it pay down debt, after struggling with declining movie ticket sales. But now, it wants to streamline the type of stock it offers.
Preferred shares are a lot like normal stocks, but they often lock companies into paying regular dividends that aren't tax deductible.
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The world's first publicly traded person

Apr 15, 2021
In 2008, Mike Merrill started selling shares of himself for $1 each. How's his stock doing now?
In 2008, Mike Merrill started selling shares of himself for $1 each.
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When Apple suffers, the pain is spread around

Nov 19, 2018
Shares of Apple took a hit Monday, declining 4 percent after the Wall Street Journal reported Apple has cut production orders in recent weeks for all three iPhone models launched earlier this year. When Apple runs into trouble, it tends to be a drag on many other companies and the market as a whole. Click the […]

Stock buybacks are crazy right now. Here’s why.

Apr 18, 2018
Goldman Sachs reported sharply higher profit this week, and yet its shares fell after Goldman said it wouldn’t be buying back stocks in the second quarter. In this respect, Goldman is an outlier. After the corporate tax rate dropped this year, American companies have been using cash to repurchase their own shares in furious fashion. […]

Chipotle looks for a new CEO

Nov 29, 2017
Fast-casual restaurant chain Chipotle, set up in 1993, has struggled after a number of food safety scandals. An E. coli scandal at one of its stores a couple of years ago also hit its shares. As company founder and CEO Steve Ells moves into the role of executive chairman, Chipotle is looking to shift its […]

A focus on shareholder value for long-term shareholders

Aug 17, 2016
J.M. Smucker rewards long-term shareholders with greater voting rights
Companies like jam-maker J.M. Smucker have used a tenure stock-voting structure to reward long-term investors for holding on to their stock.
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For public good, not for profit.

Why Facebook created a new kind of stock

Apr 28, 2016
The company's new C class shares means more control, and it's not the only company to use a tiered system.
Facebook will create a new class of share to sell to investors shares that don't give investors voting power. 
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The stock market freaks out ... but you don't have to

Aug 24, 2015
Listeners are handling the chaos a whole lot better than the media, ahem.

Energy companies lose $1.3 trillion amid oil crash

Aug 6, 2015
A number so big, it almost seems like it doesn't mean anything.