Ant Group is taking its IPO to Hong Kong and Shanghai. Why is it skipping New York?

And is it a sign of things to come for relations between the U.S. and Chinese economies?
The financial technology company based in China will be going public in what could be one of the biggest IPOs in history.
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A Shanghai postcard: life after the COVID-19 economic shutdown

Apr 27, 2020
With masks, fever checks and health QR codes, there are signs that the coronavirus still poses a threat to daily life.
Marketplace's Jennifer Pak on a hike three hours outside of Shanghai. Before departing, she had to make sure she could return to the city without being quarantined.
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Shanghai Stock Exchange shoots for the STARs with new tech-focused board

Jul 22, 2019
The STAR market is enjoying a buzzy debut, with "a huge amount" of oversubscription from institutional and retail investors.
People take pictures during an opening ceremony of the Shanghai Stock Exchange's Sci-Tech Innovation Board in Shanghai on July 22, 2019.

China's food deliverers have hectic schedules

Feb 6, 2019
High demand leads to a high-stress job for couriers.
Food deliverers have become an integral part of city living in China.
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Shanghai caps population to combat "big city diseases"

Jan 17, 2018
China's Cabinet has decreed that the city's population should be 25 million — barely more than it is today.
Two out of five residents in Shanghai are migrants, who mainly take up the jobs others don't want. The government is trying to stop migrants from poorer regions from flooding megacities.
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Loss and redemption on the Street of Eternal Happiness

Aug 1, 2016
A reporter investigates the violent history of his Shanghai property.
Weiqi Zhu stands in front of his trading terminal at a major bank in Hong Kong. The 29-year-old lost his father during the demolition of his Shanghai neighborhood.
Rob Schmitz/Marketplace

The story of China through the lens of one Shanghai street

May 17, 2016
A new book from Marketplace's Rob Schmitz, "Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams Along a Shanghai Road," follows the lives of people in China's largest city.
The individuals who live and work along Shanghai's Changle Road are the focus of a new book about modern China by Marketplace's Rob Schmitz.
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For public good, not for profit.

The Chinese dream on the Street of Eternal Happiness

May 16, 2016
A look at Marketplace China correspondent Rob Schmitz's new book.
62 year-old Zhang Naisun spends his evenings begging for money on the Street of Eternal Happiness. It's been twelve years since Zhang last spent a lunar New Year holiday with his family in rural Henan province.
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China's struggle for a free (stock) market

Aug 25, 2015
The government's hand is quite visible at the Shanghai exchange.

Shanghai Composite posts biggest one-day drop in years

Aug 24, 2015
China 'should have been prepared for it.'